Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Announcing a New Braille Song: "Brailling Signs Is Cool to Do"




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We are excited to announce the debut of a song about braille called "Brailling Signs Is Cool To Do." Hadley instructor, Linn Sorge and friend and former ambassador to the school, Becky Williams, wrote the lyrics to the song. Musicians Anne Hills, David Roth and Chip Kramer recorded the song and brought it to life.


To learn more about the story of this special song and to listen to it, please visit:


For a free MP3 file of this song, available for a limited time, email directly with "Brailling Signs Song" in the subject line. If you are a parent of a visually impaired child, an adult braille user, or a blindness professional and want to let us know that, feel free to add it to your email! We'd love to know how you will be using the song.




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