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Seminars@Hadley Presents: Everything i


Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Time: 10 AM CDT, 15:00 GMT


iPad. iPhone. iPod Touch. Ai-yi-yi! Seems like, daily, there are more i-deas and i-nnovations. At times it appears everything is going i. Are you having trouble keeping up with and figuring out how to use all the "i" devices? If so, then you're going to love this seminar. You might say it's i-deal.

Join Seminars@Hadley as Hadley Instructor Amy Salmon and Korey Singleton, Assistive Technology Initiative Manager for George Mason University detail the latest and greatest i devices and the differences between an iPhone, iTouch and iPad, as well as providing analysis of the pros and cons of the newest models.

This 60 minute open discussion seminar will be moderated by Hadley Outreach Coordinator Billy Brookshire. A question and answer session will be included as part of the seminar.

Space in this seminar is limited. Please only register if you know you are available to attend so that others are not closed out. To register for this seminar on June 21, follow this link.


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Seminars@Hadley Presents: Jumpstarting Your Social Life


Date: Thursday, July 7, 2011


Time: 11 AM CDT, 16 :00 GMT



Do you own an i device? Do you have a favorite app? Email us at feedback@hadley.edu and let us know!




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